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Originally Posted by matteo716maikai View Post
problem is the chrono mines can stack. and it doesnt say by how much. so in theory this makes them even more powerful even thought they can be "resisted"
old chrono also stacked, and would in theory accumulate 66% faster than the new system

Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
PLENTY of times i ate ~5 mines and had no procs, but now that will never happen again. chain perma chrono proced to at least some degree is what we have to look forward too if a premade is evil enough to deploy this on mass.
If the devs % numbers are correct, then an equal number of times you would have eaten a single mine and got a 100% proc.

By the numbers the devs served us, flying through a minefield of chronos will leave you 40% less debuffed with the new system.

As for the partial proc, I'm curious to see how the now working resist handles this. Does it influence duration or slow-effect? If the system is well designed, speccing into Dampers should make a low magnitude debuff a mere annoyance.

All in all, with the resists, and the counter skills to chronos now working, I think chronos are really not that good anymore. Be it old chrono or new chrono. Don't we have 3 skills now giving immunity?

Anyway, it's all theoretical. Everyone is going to use the new OP transphasics anyway!

Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
"Transphasic Mines:
Increased shield bleedthrough from 40% to 80%.

Transphasic mines will disrupt the enemy shields, leaving a Shield Healing debuff in place.
For 5sec after being hit with a TP Mine, Shield healing is 50% less effective on the target.
I think that even if they were to cut ALL shield heal capacity by 50% (not from mines, just ageneral nerf), it wouldn't necessarty be a bad thing (ofc 50% is a bit over the top, but ..) As long as the resists are left alone.

Shield heals are so strong now, that breaking through some players shields is virtually impossible. This is seen in the ever-increasing number of ships built to kill by bleedthrough.

I think what we're seeing, is mines becoming relevant in PvP. Not owerpowered, just powered. How does a mine compare to a aft array/turret/torp now?

Anyway, it's all theoretical. Everyone is going to use the new OP chronitons anyway!

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