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08-01-2012, 01:34 PM
Opnion on Mines.

Photon Mines: 8/10, Good job
Quantum Mines, Perfectly fine
Plasma Mines: great job on the buff
Transphasic Mines: Yea No, -70000/10, These are OP Little ****ers, remove the shield heal resist, and add a -10 NON-stacking shield power reduction.
Chrono mines: Just.... Increase the magnitude but make it nonstacking, non chaining. Even resistiable, not everyone chains resistances. 100% proc, flying through 100 of these things will make u stop moving. Then moar mines can come.
Tricobalt: Havnt checked them out yet
Tachyon: NO! NO! NO! NO! Lower the shield damage Lower the proc, lower the AOE, lower the general useage, Increase the Cooldown, and Get them OUT OF PVP. Unspeced, on Holodeck, i can take these mines, and Blow away an entire teams shields, on Tribble speced, i can delete your shields for 10 seconds."-infinite resistance" Its not op...

Mines in general: Get rid of MES, if ur gonna keep heat seakingness. Get rid of Heat Seakingness if your gonna keep MES, Lower MES's Stealth range and lower the mines heat seakingness range. Add a skill to STO that makes mines ignore you. Mines would track your impulse trail to get heat seaking,

add a skill to ensign/lt/ltc tactical, Use Auxillary Thrusters, for 15/20/25 seconds Mines can not see you 45 sec CD, lowers your speed by 10%, Makes it impossible to drain or disable engine power during this duration. 30 sec universal, No doffs.

Engineering ensign/Lt/LTC, Mask Core Signiture, For 15/20/25 seconds mines can not see you, Energy Syphon Drones drain cut in half, Lowers all powerlevels by 5 for 10 seconds. 45 second CD, no doffs.

science ensign/Lt/LTC, Mask Impulse Trail, For 15/20/25 seconds, Mines can not see you, Boosts magnitude of Mask Energy Signiture, or cloak, by 1000 stealth. -10 engine and shield power, Universal Cooldown with Photonic Displacement consol.

But still remove the transphasic shield nuke thing!
And Tachyon mines are still OP, either disable them in pvp, or make their resist debuff nonaffective to players.