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Originally Posted by lordmalak1 View Post
Chroniton Mines:
Increased chance to apply slow from 33% to 100%.
Slow debuff is now resistable, and abilities that make you immune to movement debuffs will now affect this debuff.
Duration of debuff can be enhanced with Graviton Generators skill.
Magnitude of debuff decreased to 25% of previous, but debuff can stack.
Standard minefield = 25% x 4 = 100% of previous magnitude.

Fancy math:
debuffs stack
100% chance of debuff
Standard minefield = 25% x 4 = 100% of previous magnitude.
Each mine previously accounted for 20% of intended damage, now accounts for 25%

...So where'd the 0.8 come from ? Basically they made a 1 in 5 chance to get the debuff a 100% chance.
the old way dropped 5 mines at 33% chance each. That's a average of 1.66 proc per cluster dropped. New drop has a static 1 full proc. Hence, 40% reduced. In short, the old cluster would almost always give one proc, and often give a double proc. The new system is capped at 1 full proc per cluster.

(the 0.8 comes from 4number of mines reduced from 5 to 4, equalling a 20% lower droprate. Multiplying by 0.8 = -20%)