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Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
I don't mean to rain on your parade dude but it's pretty easy to top damage charts in public queues with the silliest of builds. I've done it in a single-cannon Excel before (as well as topping the K/D/A charts). Torpedo Sci boats can reach silly high numbers. I'm not saying anything about the effectiveness of the build (I suppose it depends just what you're aiming for) but it's worth remembering.
You're actually correct, but part of my post was notating that in less than 17 seconds of nothing but my cannons/turrets firing, I destroyed a fellow member of SOB (granted, was in 12th Fleet back then). SOB hosts some of the best PvPers available.

The damage potential is undeniable.

The top number charts are normally because I'm dealing ridiculous lance damage which stacks up in a match over that of my allies, further making these numbers less accurate.

And a lot of my time is spent cloaked - my allies will often engage the enemy sometimes a full minute before I even enter the fight. This is done to catch enemies off guard and effectively 1-shot them.

Still, I suppose this is one notion that is worth greater scrutiny.