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08-01-2012, 02:19 PM
I have had issues with Peanut Labs. Their system seem to be a POS. I have competed several offers through them and not gotten any thing from them with the exception of the "Surveys" that show up at the top with the exception of one that I sent a complaint on and they finally awarded me the zen.

The Netflix offer was the final straw. After having to send them another request for information about my ticket, after 2 mounts of not hearing anything, they finally responded with "According to Netflix's tracking system this offer was not completed through Peanut Labs so we cannot award you." then they marked my ticket as solved. This sort of upset me so I sent them a response questioning their integrity and sent Perfect World a note telling them what had happened and informing them that they may want to reconsider their association with Peacrap Labs.

I did contact Netflix about my issue. They have a support number that you can call to talk to someone and impressively for Netflix it took them less than a minute before I was talking to some one, way to go Netflix. I told the nice lady on the phone the issue I was having and she checked my Netflix account. Much to my surprise she told me that my account did not show that I had completed an offer through Peacrap Labs.

Peacrap Labs apparently has very poor coding that does not work. I would advise any and all that want to do offers through them not to do it. A company that cannot set up a system that works like it is supposed to is not a company worth dealing with. Peacrap Labs is a poor excuse for a company and I hope that Perfect World realizes this and stops their association with them.