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my fleet vorcha build

with the COM and ENS only engineering stations, its gonna be a tight squeeze to make a workable defense with them. thats why you just about have to use damage control doffs to reduce the cooldown on EPtX skills. 3 blue tend to cost less then half a mil each on the exchange and work more then well enough in my experience. you actually get 2 chances for thier proc to go off before your left without energy in a sub system. with each activation of the 2 different EPtX abilities, it will ether set both abilities down to 30 seconds, or it wont. but those 2 different EPtX abilities giving you 2 separate chances for those 3 roles to get you proc ends up being damn reliable. just running 1 EPtX, and hoping the doffs keep it at global is not particularly reliable at all, its as reliable as the new energy weapon doffs. 2 blue+ shield distro doffs to fill out the 2 remaining active roster slots, 2 green or worse will leave you hanging more often then they will proc.

so the build

COM eng EPtW1, RSP1, ET3, (A2S3/DEM3/EWP3)
ENS eng EPtS1

LT uni(sci) (TB1, TSS2) / (TSS1, TBR1) HE in place of TSS if im not running A2S3 at the time, maybe.

1 DBB + 3 DHC / 8 beam arrays
LTC tac (TT1, CRF1, BO3) / (TT1, BO2, BO3)
LT tac (BO1, CRF1) / (TT1, APB1)

better mention equipment and consoles. 4 energy weapons consoles in tactical slots always

omega 2 piece

omega deflector and engine with KHG shield

sci consoles- (2x flow cap) / (borg, 1 flow cap)

borg 3 piece

borg deflector and engine with KHG shield

sci consoles- (2x field generator) / ( borg, 1 field generator)

eng consoles with 8 beam arrays

borg, 1 EPS, 2x nutronium, after a death or break in combat switch to a more specific armor type depending on your oponents

eng consoles with cannons and DBB

1 EPS, 2 RCS, 1 nutronium, after a death or break in combat switch to a more specific armor type depending on your opponents

this ship cant cruiser, your silly for wanting it, buying it and using it. get the fleet ktinga instead, it makes the vorcha feel like a negvar as far as turning and movement are concerned, and it can do things like extend shields and run a warp plasma snare and have A2S, or DEM and A2S. point is you cant support well at all in this, and you cant damage like an escort. so stop it this is silly. that being said, the inner kirk wants what the inner kirk wants.

8 beam arrays with BO2 and BO3 are devastating in my excelsior when using 8 beam arrays, and the 4th tac console and APB will surly make it even worse. plus you can load up especially deadly faw2 and 3 in its place to burn through pve like its nothing. well its already nothing, sooo less then nothing the 8 beams really are easy mode. load up on hull armor and keep your speed high enough to max evasion and just fly around drooping BO hammers every 15 seconds. its akin to an attrition fist fight but your opponent is down and your kicking him, its not something they can take for long.

high up time on crf1 does wonders for your cannon dps, your crits are unimpressive but overall you come out quite ahead. the get hit by a truck BO3 with a DBB will deal crippling damage like it does on escorts like always. i'll see how i like having bo1 as well, might swap that out for a second TT if i find my energy being to drained too often. of course you could run 4 DHC and cut out the BOs and have 2 TTs, 2 CRFs and an APB/D/O. omega might be especially good for getting the 'fatter then an escort' vorcha pointing were you want it.

you could do without a sci officer, then you would be left with an excelsior's amount of engineering stations. i really cant imagine using it for tactical, that would kinda be absurd. i suppose you could also support mines and torps in the build too then, if your crazy like that. you might have to go with eng in the universal if gathering good damage control doffs is unfeasible at the moment. just remember that you don't have access to the best snare, tractor beam, which you will need to make BOs hit reliably, and to keep some one pinned long enough for you to get your cannons pointed at them. making their defense 0 is great for crits too. though you could run EWP for the snare with out giving up to much, though its not nearly as instant or easy to use effectivly as TB. also no TSS, HE, ST or PH. this ship really is versatile, as well as the most dangerous cruiser. maybe my inner kirk is on to something

edit: lol mav, guess we had the same thing on our minds
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