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Originally Posted by baudl View Post
love that idea...if it would be possible to incorporate your unused ships into DOFF missions, to boost the completion time, or add some percentage towards critical success.
assigning a unused BOFF to each the ship some extra bonus if it is used in a doff assignment.
Nice I like that idea of incorporating them ino Boff missions. Science could give +5% to science with the exception of those damn bubble ships giving +5% to medical, with Simmiliar stats associated with appropriate crafts.

Certain cruisers giving bonuses to either Engineering or Opperations, with the exception of the Dreadnought giving a bonus tactical.

I am on my iPad so cannot access the game so forget what the two tactical officer type missions are, but escorts would give bonus's to those. The cloaking Defiant would grant an extra +5% bonus on espionage.

An Oddyssey would give a bonus to the diplomatic missions you get from your first officer.

Maybe this rare drop box ships like the Tholians, Cardasian, and Jem Hadar ship give an extra 5% on top, I don't have any of them or care, just think their rarity should be reflected in this regard too.

I would also like to see fleet assignments which let you assign unused ships to star base patrols, but blocked you from switching to the for the duration of the assignment which should be at least 24 or 48 hrs. Bonus % ratings are based on the tier of the ship put on patrol duty and you can earn fleet marks for the mission.