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I totally agree with this statement , You guys should actually play the game before you make changes like this when they are "working" atleast somewhat as is , What was it bort said, cut twice? 3 times? measure later? no thats not right . Alot of players are getting flat out sick of it . correct whats wrong first before bringing in more stupidity. Oh and people don't pvp because of crap like this. too many exploitable procs off otherwise useless weapons "team effort abuse" repulsor lag and the list goes on. . you're killing gameplay in both PVE and PVP . less cheese plz please please pretty please? I'm begging here.
Glad that some people can understand.

Transphasic mines are the most bewildering. Shield healing debuff is only useful in PvP, but the PvP community doesn't want more spam. Cutting shield healing in half is incredibly powerful. Ironic thing is that I think most PvPers would love to see a shield healing debuff ability that isn't tied to spam and needs to be used strategically.