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# 8 failure to communicate
08-01-2012, 03:16 PM
i tried for two weeks to figure this problem out with no luck support ticket page was blank, no help from the perfect world forums, and cryptic help ignored my angry ranting. finally i clicked on an sto forum page and found this thread. i wanted to post my complaint here and it prompted me to sign in to perfect world, so i did. it then asked if i wanted to link my accounts and i said yes. now i have no problems buying zen. i see this as a massive failure of sto, perfect world and cryptic to link the systems together. so for all of you itching to shovel money into those companies, link the accounts first.

p.s. to, you need to inform the public about this problem. a notice of some kind to let people know. there is nothing anywhere that told me to link the accounts.

p.p.s. to FIX YOUR SUPPORT PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!