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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
I noticed an error in the above patch notes when going back over the Mine Changes. It should read:

- Chroniton Mines' chance to proc its slow debuff was increased from 33% to 80%

Stating that the proc chance was 100% was, in fact, an error taken from earlier testing before the chance was reduced back to 80%. The current changes on Tribble include the correct 80% proc chance.
Ok, that's good. That basically makes chronitons probably at most as good as they were (depending how things scale with skill point investment, which will need testing) before but with 4/5 the mines.

Now if you could only take out the 50% shield debuffs from transphasics and, say, make it a commander level bridge officer skill we'd be rolling. Shield healing debuff is a great idea, but tying it to spam just isn't the way to go. Tying anything powerful to spam will hurt PvP.

With the current implementation PvP teams will just saturate the field with transphasics. It's too good not to. You're basically doubling the damage output of your team by keeping the other side's shield healing permanently weakened.

Transphasics without the debuff would still be a far better choice than any other mine type save possibly chronitons. The idea is that you can do enough trickle damage through shields to eventually force the enemy team to expend heals on themselves and weaken spike healing.

Rather than be saturation weapons though, it would be far better if mines were situational and tactical. For example, if every launcher launched only one significantly upscaled mine we would reduce a great deal of spam and gameplay would be more thoughtful.

Last but not least, a 10% damage buff to tricolbalts is not going to make them viable. People used to use these mines back in the day, and now nobody who knows anything does. People whined about the extent of the disable, but for pete's sake the mine only fired every minute and was targetable. Balance was pretty much perfect -- high cost, hard to pull off, but great effects when used well. As it stands, if the long disable is deemed to be undesirable, then the cool-down should be halved. Even then, I probably wouldn't use them myself.

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