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08-01-2012, 05:16 PM
Fanastic... more spam. These mines are becoming extremely annoying in PVP.

If the PVP system was fixed these changes wouldn't have been made

I am normally quite a supporter of Cryptic, but I'm getting sick of waiting around for PVP fixes, which are not happening.

As a result of applying these PVE updates the PVP system is subsequently becoming more damaged and unplayable. There seems to be no regard for PVP as these PVE updates are continually being introduced.

Additionally there has been no further ground fixes for the Omega set, stackable orbital strikes and several other issues for PVP and PVE ground play.

The claim that there will be a new pvp system that will be introduced with "new Tech" could take months if not over a year due to the fact there is only a "25% player base for pvp". The only reason the player base is that low is because of problems introduced by pve.

So please stop breaking the current PVP system with PVE updates.

*sigh* I've had my rant, hope you take some of this one board :/

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