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fleet vorcha covered, now time for the perfected build for the standard vorcha R and the new fleet ktinga, the best cruiser in the game at being a true cruiser. lol right? this is for a tac captain, because tac captains can do all the supporting an eng captain can, wile dealing hilariously more damage.

to start with you want at least acc2 beam arrays, available in the dilithium store in tetryon and lol plasma flavor fairly cheaply, and the most accurate turrets and duel HEAVY cannons you can find on the exchange, because they are vastly superior to duel cannons. anything mk IX-XII with at least acc 2 is a good viable weapon, even if they are just blue quality. i also run a single acc3 duel beam bank for delivering BOs, if you can get a acc3 DBB, consider trying this as well.

the vorcha with its great 10 turn rate, and the fleet ktinga with its even more delicious 11 turn rate, are capable of running narrow arc duel cannons easier then an excelcior can run single cannons. provided you have 2+ turn rate consoles, my vorcha's turn rate is over 20 with them. there is no reason to turn that well when you have beam arrays equipped though, swap them for other consoles.

with this build, im relying on the Damage Control Engineer doffs so i can run just a single copy of EPtS and EPtW with up time that rarely lets me down. i run 3 of them in blue quality, between 2 different types of EPtX, you have a total of 6 30% chances for the proc to go off, its damn reliable. 2 blue+ shields distribution doffs to fill the last 2 active roster slots

so, my station setup is as follows

COM eng- EPtW1, RSP1, ET3, EWP3 / (A2S3)
LTC eng- EPtS1, ES1, A2S2 / (EWP1)

LT sci- (HE1, TSS2) / (TB1, TSS2) / (TSS1, TBR1)

LT- tac- BO1, CRF1
ENS tac- TT1

8 Beam arrays
LT- tac- BO1, BO2
ENS tac- TT1

equipment and consoles. 3 energy weapons consoles in tactical slots always

omega 2 piece

omega deflector and engine with KHG shield

vorcha R sci consoles- (2x flow cap) / (borg, 1 flow cap)
F ktinga sci consoles- (3x flow cap) / (borg, 2 flow cap)

borg 3 piece

borg deflector and engine with KHG shield

vorcha R sci consoles- (2x field generator) / ( borg, 1 field generator)
F ktinga sci consoles- (3x field generator) / ( borg, 2 field generator)

suddenly that 3rd science dump console looks pretty nifty huh

eng consoles with 8 beam arrays

borg, 1 EPS, 2x nutronium, after a death or break in combat switch to a more specific armor type depending on your opponents

eng consoles with cannons and DBB

1 EPS, 2 RCS, 1 nutronium, after a death or break in combat switch to a more specific armor type depending on your opponents

i continue to be surprised by just how hard DHC hit things you shoot at, even when they arent running a buff and are only backed by 3 tactical consoles. you only have to keep your target in your fireing arc for about a second to unload all their damage for that cycle. bringing that much fire power, and that many heals to a fight is a very effective combination. your doing far more damage then other cruisers, and turning well enough to effectively issue that damage. this is ESPECIALLY true with the F ktinga, after all the turnrate buffs are stacked, its amazing how well it turns.

thanks to the Damage Control Engineer doffs you have enough room to support your shield and weapons power level and have every other important engineering power at your disposal. you are incredibly handy to have around, you can do a ton of hull and shield healing wile dealing superior damage to any other cruiser. being able to dump A2S3, ET3, TSS2, and ES1 on some one, fly around with a turn rate over 20 without any turn consoles, having near 100 shield energy and around 140 weapons energy, wile also snaring 2 or more people in a 500-1000 damage dot plasma clouds, and tractoring someone is cruiser in its perfect form. you are MVP every match.

2 snares from EWP and TB give you an incredible tactical advantage over anyone your attacking. fully buffed up EWP3 should theoretically deal over 1000 DOT a second. i have dealt 800 damage a second with the EWP2 im currently limited too, and that was without particle consoles. consider using 2 or 3 particle generator consoles in place of flow cap and pop every buff you can, even TT and EPtW helps, before you activate it and coat people.

TBR are very useful, a must have in the new pve content at least. if your tractor'ed it will all but break any tractors hold by pushing your opponent past the tractors effective range of 5. it will also hit any near by critters with 100% accuracy and kill any destructible weapons. pushing someone back into a plasma cloud they are trying to escape from is extreamly satisfying too. its great for when your pointing right at someone but they are trying to get out of your arc, it keeps them in front of you and screws up thier defence score. it can be more handy then regular tb in situations like this. i wouldn't bother focusing on dealing damage with it, you need higher levels of it and a sci ship to do that.

you have crummy tactical station powers, but they will murder the crap out of the poor sap you have snared with maga dot plasma cloud and or a tractor beam. if someone is trying to HE+evasive out of your cloud, TB them too! there is no escape! if not stager them for maximum movement shutdown. on top of them being served up on a plater for you, they are served up for the whole rest of your team too. it is sooo easy to position yourself for an effective warp plasma dump in these maneuverable cruisers, were you just have to wait for someone to fly by or get behind you in a crummy fed cruiser.

if your puging you are quite likely to face teams full of escorts that fly around really fast and blast the crap out of you. there is little hope of fighting these ships on equal terms with duel heavy cannons, with out multiple snares, thats why i think its wise to have those beam arrays to fall back on. a large volume of pets with chronos and tractor beams are your next greatest enemy.

on the excelsior i used BO2 and BO3, thats not an option here. the damage you can deal every 15 seconds with BO1 and BO2 is enough to make quite a difference thought, i had BO2 crit for 18k the other day. this is the best way to deal damage with 8 beams equipped.

FAW is only useful for cleaning up garbage, and its lack of accuracy makes it not even that great for that role now. only equip that if your facing a stupid amount of carriers or doing pve. your going to do your most damage to someone by just keeping 8 beams on them as much as possible, and delivering glider and proc damage. as always an energy level between 140 and 150 is the key to maximum damage over time

thats pretty much all there is too it. the only problem in the build is how much attention you have to give to your position when your using the duel cannons, and keeping your target directly in front of you. you have to effectively do that, AND keep track of your team mates and keep them healthy. thats all up to the skill of the user.

the fleet ktinga is the best cruiser, the only thing that out MVPs it is a thrice damned bug.

*edit- based on the actual hitpoints per shield facing on the F ktinga vs vorcha R, the F ktinga has a shield mod of 1.07.

vorcha R-

F ktinga-
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