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Originally Posted by kietero View Post
Captain, Level 33.

And your strategy couldn't have been more wrong.

Even maintaining distance, these bastards heal their damage as though nothing has happened. All your strategy did for me was make me die slower.

These things are a pure cheat in the system and remain impossible to beat. No matter what I did, instead of taking me 10 seconds to die, I can now hold out for a good 5 minutes before I die. I don't know what bonuses these ships have, but they certainly give a disadvantage to the player and make the game unplayable in Romulan space. While I pelt away at their shields, and even cause their shields to fail, their hull integrity is beyond unreal. And no matter how much damage I do to them, their hull heals as fast as a single disruptor blast takes down my shields, even at 6-9 km distance.

I hope this will be addressed in the next update. This is a really horrible cheat for the system and I'm real close not wanting to play STO anymore for the simple fact that a sup't-up (to the point of cheating) mid-level Romulan ship sucks the fun out of playing this incredible game. I've shared some missions with some of my Admiral fleet buddies, and when the computer automatically sets the level of the Romulan based on their level, they also have a really hard time beating those ships without suffering extreme damage or ship injury.

And what's more... a Valdor should be more powerful than a D'deridex! The Romulans in this game are completely off balance. PLEASE fix this, SOON!
The nice thing about story mode is you always know what kind of enemy you will be faceing. since you are in the romulad campaign you will be up against plasma torpedos and disruptor weapons, sometimes tetryon and chronitonn if your fighting the hirogen.

There are shields that come with modifierd that reduce the damage of specific energy types, you should search the exchange for [pla] [dis] mod's also search for armor consoled that include resistances to these things. you can use ablative armor or victorium alloy at your level. Equiping these things should increase your survivability. Also since i don't know what kind of captain you are or what ship your in im unsure of you Boff skill availability, but hazard emitters is definately available to you as wel las tractor beam rebulsors. Hazard emitters will remove the dot you suffer from those torpedos as well as heal you and tractor beam repulsors is a good way to get out of a tractor hold (since you can push your enemy out of its range) and can kill high yeild plasma torpedos. also its important to make sure you are properly equiped with the right gear. At your level everything you have should be MK VIII.
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