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08-01-2012, 10:52 PM
Originally Posted by realuniqueone View Post
Probably 70% of people use free cam (because it is default), but the other 30% right now are basicly unable to play (or at the very least, enjoy) the game.

Fine, this is a very minor bug to you, but to the 30% it is completely unplayable.

Imagine for a second if it forced you to use chase cam (which you also hate with a passion) by switching itself to it every 30-60 seconds, would you be pleased? Would you even still be here one month later?

The worst part of this is there is already a fix as reported by a dev here, but for some stupid reason it is not being deployed.
I don't hate chase camera. I simply choose not to use it. Either way, it's still a minor bug. An inconvenience. Not something that breaks the game.
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