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Originally Posted by velktra View Post
I don't hate chase camera. I simply choose not to use it. Either way, it's still a minor bug. An inconvenience. Not something that breaks the game.
It is not at all minor. The people that it effects can't play.

A combadge or tailor graphical glitch (you can still play the game), or a single mission bug (pick another mission and come back to it) is minor.

Something that stops people being able to play is as major as it gets, even if it is only affecting 30% of players - that's 30% of your playerbase that can't enjoy any space mission in the whole game!

Now add to this the fact that any team I (or any other of that 30%) am in is affected by each 30 seconds I am going through menus instead of helping and that 30% suddently becomes much higher. You too have been greatly affected by this bug without even knowing it.
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