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08-02-2012, 05:05 AM
I'm also disappointed by the uber grind required even in mid levels.
I can live with the increasing number of marks required and the increasing amount of experience required to get to higher tiers, but from what i see on Wiki and in my own fleet,
the amount of stuff that must be invested to get to the next tier quadruples with each tier.
so the trend 12(0)-30(1)-60(2) doffs per assignment will continue into up to 240 doffs per assignment at tier 5 and will require about 150 of those to get to tier 5. And doing the 500 XP missions that require more dilithium and less doffs also scales badly from what I see.

As a result it looks like that getting to tier 5 will be impossible for small fleets despite what the devs said. And in the end most bases will be developed up to tier 3 at most and then abandoned with the majority of players will join a few uber fleets so that about 500 players working together may be able to fully develop few bases into tier 5.