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08-02-2012, 06:05 AM
ok, easiest way to beat them, and it may sound like a bug or exploit is as follows.

skills: tact team, hazard emitters, and as many shield boosts as you can get

tactics. full impulse charge the warbird and basically stay as close as possible to him. when you see the heavy plasma torpedoes slap on tac team and hazard emitters and the warbird should almost kill itself. the heavy plasma torpedoes do an AoE type damage which will hit the warbird but you have to remain close to it. other than those torpedoes it has little in the way of offensive power and some minor shield buffs should keep you alive.

honestly I figured this out when I was using a engineering captain and was trying to optimize my beam damage by remaining close and couldn't understand why the warbirds just suddenly died from 50%.