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Look, we all know that 700 zen for a per character item is ridiculous. Let's not focus on that. Instead, let's focus on what can be done to make this situation a little better.

The thing about the First Contact EVA suits that Cryptic overlooked is that there is a second item that goes with them. What? You don't remember the second item? I'll let Worf jog your memory. Yes, First Contact introduced a rifle that goes with those suits.

The First Contact EVA Phaser Rifle has a slightly different grip than what in currently in game, so a little bit of animation time would be required to make it work. But that's not the point. The point is this: The First Contact EVA suit is a suit of Armor. The First Contact EVA Phaser Rifle is a weapon. Armor + weapon + shield = Ground Combat Set.

What I am suggesting is this: bump the price of the combat EVA suits up to 1000 zen for an account unlock, and make them a ground combat set. Do that for both the Federation and Klingon Empire and you have the start of something interesting.

But wait, you make more money off of per character unlocks. Wouldn't this take away revenue? In the short term, yes it would. In the long term, it wouldn't if Cryptic does this. Make the item upgradable, just like the Crystalline Shell Set.

The Crystalline Shell Set can be upgraded with the purchase of a [Tholian Ground Set - Crystalline Nanofiber Augmentations] from the Lobi Store for 150 Lobi Crystals. Items from the Lobi Store cost more real life money to obtain because the number of Crystals is completely random per box.

Make the Combat EVA Suit sets purchasable from the z-store, and upgradable from the Lobi Store and both Cryptic and the Players win out in the end.

Food for thought.