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08-02-2012, 06:24 AM
Are you sick of people acting like smartasses and prescribing complex solutions for simple problems?

In this fleet we let the new players take charge because they know what exactly they need and it's not necessary for self-appointed veterans to act like dictators saying do this, do that and leave the new guys totally clueless and unable to solve problems by themselves.

A lot of people wonder as well why we are creating "new forms of gameplay" and getting confused if we are actually doing elite team ops, roleplaying or some wierd hybrid of both.

The fact is we're not doing anything but treating human players like human beings, thus opening the possibility of using real world logic for team building and player development.

While a lot of people would approach a "what should I do with a cruiser" question from a newbie pilot with a wide variety of do-this-do-that suggestions, I find that a far more effective approach is not to dictate but to coach and mentor in a congenial, non-obstructive format.

After all, everyone has their own vision of what a science fiction spaceship does in combat and how it achieves victory.

Translating ideas into victory is what we do in Redneck Academy. We end up not with a bunch of guys who need direct orders from commanders. We have a team that is dynamic, unified and capable of operating in a very diverse and dynamic order of battle... in short, we work best with PUGs, because we don't discriminate, and we can work with anyone to create battle-winning strategies on the fly.

The internet is rife with useless advice and negative commentary, so why not implement some corporate social responsibility from the real world and encourage new players to learn at their own pace and explore their new home away from home?
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