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08-02-2012, 06:26 AM
Just had to bail on another stinker.

ISE today - was on my lunchbreak from work, and had 30 mins to spare before had to be back, so thought would have a quick blast at ISE before the four-hour server downtime commenced.

Fat chance - mission started, and a player in a Prometheus asked if everyone knew the 10% rule. All bar one player, in a Mirror Star Cruiser (or at least the mirror ship that looks like a Star Cruiser) covered in Borg nonsense replied.

Long story short, said player ignored everything else that was going on, popped a transformer WAY too early, and then flew off to fight one of the normal spheres that was floating around, which (laughably) made pretty short work of him.

The rest of us killed the remaining transformers and tried to kill the generator but didn't manage to do so before the nanite spheres arrived. We tried clearing them, but mirror-borg starcruiser was spending more time in respawn oblivion than doing anything useful. Advice was offerred, and subsequently ignored.

Bearing in mind that the server was due to go down for four hours, the other four of us agreed that we wouldn't be able to clear the mission before the sever downtime and group-bailed, undoubtedly leaving the mirror-Borg ship player to get his backside handed to him by the numerous spheres still remaining.

Besides, not like the hour penalty is of any consequence when the server is minutes away from downtime.