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Originally Posted by mattjohnsonva View Post
I have to agree with all the comments here. The whole concept is terrific, at the start we were all going crazy and contributing all we had. We are now almost to tier 2 and the cost of the DOFFs is beyond belief. Yesterday I spent 22 million buying 12 common sensor officers, a very rare maintenance officer and a very rare quatermaster. Now I sink real money into this game, I buy zen and then sell fleet modules and other stuff to get the EC to buy the Common Doffs that are unavailable anywhere else apart from a random drop here and there.

Whilst I understand this is the long haul we are aiming for the cost to benefit ratio just doesn't add up. My 230 man fleet is now starting to lose interest, nothing is progressing much, we are all out of EC and DOFFs, and the FM events reward so little that the grind is becoming incredibly tedious, even STFs are more fun.

Cryptic, great idea, poor implementation, I for one cannot afford a single penny more for our starbase, I have spent over ?100 on zen, maybe more, just to get the things we need, I can't keep doing it, I have a real life with real bills. I estimate it will take probably a couple weeks now to reach tier 2, then about 3 months to tier 3, another year to 18 months to tier 4 and about 5 years to tier 5 by which time everyone will have long ago forgotten about the starbase system.

Cryptic, for the love of Q make it more accessible and cheaper, much much cheaper, or your flagship season six will soon be floundering on the rocks just before it inevitably sinks.
Costs are spiralling out of control,I can see many starbases being ghost towns sooner rather than later.My fleet has around 140 peeps,if yours has 100 more I forsee doom on the horizon.

Cryptic,get a grip before it becomes a huge white elephant...

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