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Maybe its just me or maybe i need better Duty Officers (something ive not really concentrated on) whatever but I find the Torp Spread 3 of my Jem' Boff doesnt really do much.

True I use MKXIII Photon torps, and when I let loose all those torps barely dent enemy ships. Even with their shields down. I replaced my Jem Boff with an officer with Cannon Scatter 3. Now that is a killing button! Smashes shields and wreks hulls.

Now I have an armitage with the Torpedo Spread module (now that works just fine in mass killing) I no longer need Jemmy Torp guy.

Do others here find that the TS3 is all show and no blow? If not what must i be doing wrong with it.
Assuming you meant Mk12 rather than Mk13 Photons:

Well, the first point is that Photons are going to do less damage than Quantums when you use them with Spike abilities. The second point is your build- if you don't have the same investment into Torpedos as you do to Energy Weapons (via both Captain Skillpoints and Tactical Consoles) then they're not going to perform at their best. The third and final point is that Torpedos are rubbish unless you're firing on bare unshielded hull... if your enemy even has a sliver of shields up, three quarters of the damage will be absorbed before it starts to wear down the shields at all.

The best way to use torpedo spread is in a combination with other powers: Attack Pattern Beta + Cannon Scatter Volley to strip the shields, THEN Torpedo Spread to finish them off. It also works a lot better with tightly clustered foes (we're talking a few hundred meters apart, not a few km) since the AoE splash damage will overlap between enemies. So using Gravity Well first makes it significantly more potent.

Personally, in a Tac Commander BOFF I'll generally go for TT1, TS2, CSV2 and APB3.

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