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Originally Posted by nephilim83 View Post
The fleet weapons are good weapons. During ground fleet actions and episodes that don't involve borg, they are extremely effective. I just don't know if they're worth the asking price. In fact, I know that they aren't. 24k FC is more than you pay for a fleet ship. And 10k dilithium is more than you can refine in a day - both spent on a single ground weapon that is not even all that useful in the most popular ground missions in the game (STFs). Honestly, dilithium shouldn't even be part of the equation. What's the point of having Fleet Credits at all if you're still going to charge dilithium (besides landing PWE more zen sales)?

The fleet weapons are good. They're just not THAT good. It's the fact that you could simply wait for a couple Prototype Salvage drops from any elite STF (which doesn't take long at all) and get a comparable weapon without throwing away valuable resources that make these weapons a hard sell. For 24k FC and 10k Dilithium, they shouldn't be comparable with anything. They should be better than everything - much better. As is, they are worth 25k FC at most. I know Cryptic needs new ways to suck up all our dilithium and earn more zen for PWE, so why not do yourselves a favor and make these weapons worth the asking price?
That's a good point. Space anti-borg purple Mk XII weapons, with [acc], cost only 2k dilithium (one proto borg salvage). Fleet space weapons cost a lot more: 10k dilithium. It's just not worth it. Unless they remove the dilithium cost, it will never be more competitive than the borg stuff anyway.