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08-02-2012, 09:24 AM
Dilithium: Under the assets tab in your inventory, make sure you're refining what you get. Dilithium is rewarded as ore, but to be used or traded needs to be refined first. That's a one-click matter in the assets panel, with an 8000 per day refinement cap.

Boff abilities: Yes. There's a trainer in the personnel section at earth spacedock who can train many abilities to your officers. Certain advanced abilities you can train yourself if you've advanced to rank 6 in the associated skill, and you can also used unassigned bridge officer candidates to transfer one of their abilities to an officer you've already commissioned.

Zen: If there's something you want enough to justify the cost, yes. You can trade refined dilithium for Zen, but it's a player-to-player exchange so prices fluctuate, and it typically takes quite a while to get most things that way. Not insurmountable, but 2500 zen for a high end ship can take weeks or months.