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With the arrival of season six and the need to contibute duty officers to fleet projects, I am looking to get some more basic duty officers. I haven't seen a basic duty officer assignment in a long time, but I'm seeing bridge officer assignments aplenty.

What am I doing wrong here?

(I am a level 50 science officer.)

To get new doffs you must go to your Academy. For the federation side, go to Starfleet Academy. Right where the doff officer is, Lt Ferra in Starfleet Academy, there is a personnel officer who can give you the following assignments:

General Recruitment - which gives you a doff pack

Federation Junior Tactical Officer Cadre - which gives you usually 2 common tactical doffs

Federation Junior Engineering Officer Cadre - which gives you usually 2 common engineering doffs

Federation Junior Science Officer Cadre - which gives you usually 2 common science doffs

Federation Civil Corps Recruitment - which gives you usually 2 common civilian doffs

The general recruitment assignment takes 24 hours to complete, the others take 48 hours. Once they are completed there is a 24 cooldown before you can do them again.

For the Klingon side, go to the Klingon Academy and go to Lt S'stas and the personnel officer right next to him. There are similiar missions there that give you the same rewards.

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