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Your Cure guide is good. Although if you're forming a group, make sure you have a high DPS player who can defend the Kang (or the 'lanes' leading to it from the shipyards not under attack as you put it) by themselves. Two players doing that is a waste of one player.

Your KA guide seems workable, although it's not the method I use.

I don't agree with your Infected tactics. What you're basically doing is slowing yourself down by splitting the team between destroying the Transformer and dealing with the Nanites. On a mission that has a timer in it. If you have all five players on the Transformer and you destroy the generators at roughly the same time, which is what the 10% method is designed to do, then all five players can focus on the transformer once it can be damaged and destroy it well before the nanite spheres and probes get close enough. And you don't have to fight the Nanite Spheres and Tac Cube simultaneously after blowing up the second transformer because they're not part of the same mob. So if you attack a sphere, the Tac Cube won't aggro (ie. become 'active' and attack players) unless you get too close to it or accidentally hit it with an AoE attack, which shouldn't happen because the sphere mob should be 6-7km closer to where the team is than the Cube.

If the Cube's not aggroed, you should blow up the gate when the spheres are down. Go around the back of it to avoid aggroing the Cube. Remember the Tac Cube spawns within range of the gate, so if you attack the Tac Cube first, you'll be fighting both it and the gate, at least for a few seconds, before you can drag the Tac Cube out of range. If it aggros, then yeah, take it out before the gate. But if it doesn't, take out the gate first.

Weapon battery significantly boost your DPS for a short time, and they are cheap. We highly recommend it for escorts.
Escorts should be running 125/xx weapon power all the time anyway. Weapons battery is a waste on one. Cruisers who'd be running high shields and aux for healing and tanking would have more use for it.

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