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I consider myself a good enough player, enough to get through what needs to be done, and even PvP, on an ok level.

I've never been a big fan of it in other MMOs I've played. Mostly because of the 'nightmare tales' I've heard of such extreme elitists believing themselves to be the 'god of the game', and so on. I know there are those types here in this game, but they are much, much fewer compared to others.

Why the 'thank you'? I don't mean it in a sarcastic or mean way. I want to thank you for not giving me the Star Trek equal of getting TB'ed, tossing around the word 'nub' and 'noob' like it was going out of style, to those PvPers out there who are still on my friends list, thanks for staying on there still, and well...thanks for killing me.

Because at least for me, killing or getting killed, regardless of anything else, is an actual fun and enjoyable experience in this game, in the rare times when I do PvP.

So, thanks for reading this, and may I provide you fun (but not necessarily easy), kills in the future.

Why are all of STO's EPs named 'Steve'?