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My best friend for tactical cruiser builds is Auxiliary to Battery with 3 blue or pink quality Technicians to shave bridge officer power recharge time by 24% to 30%.

This allows me to constantly spam cannon rapid fire, beam fire at will and/or torpedo spreads making full use of the temporary DPS boost afforded by APA, Fire on my Mark and Go Down Fighting. Those boosts last about 30 seconds apiece and running aux2batt means I can get off one or two more 2200DPS x 4 cannon salvoes before the buffs wear off.

Attack Pattern Alpha helps with turnrate and so does Omega set making it easier to keep both cannons and broadside beams on target.

Keeping at least 30+ speed in combat and a turnrate of 18-20 deg/sec, a tactical mirror / assault cruiser or Cheyenne fleet retrofit can be a very deadly PvE unit.

With Aux2Batt and technicians you will also not need to double up bridge officer powers and can pack a variety of support and area dominance skills without compromising survivability.

Aux2Batt/Technician builds are geared towards more experienced players who have completed various Colony Doff Chains or have managed to recruit 3 rare or better Technicians. They are kind of expensive on the exchange otherwise.

Successful builds with Aux2Batt include mirror/assault cruiser with polaron mk12 dmgx3 or antiproton anti Borg cannons, disruptor cannon Galaxy R (tankable!) and work in progress, Klingon Vor'cha plasma beam/DHC cruiser, and a technician recon science vessel (it can spam gravwells and torpedoes forever).

I also use some lesser known skills such as Emergency Power to Auxiliary which boosts area control abilities (tractor beams, etc) and provides you 30 seconds of improved hull heals.

I rarely rely on brute force shield tanking (hey, at speed 30 + 20 turnrate you pretty much dictate the fight against slower enemies) but have EPTS, RSP1, TSS2 and sometimes ST1 for shield tanking.

As above-posted Auxiliary to Structural III is a must have for a 15 second combat heal plus damage resistance.

Note, if your ship is short on engineering slots don't use Aux2Batt as, if you're unfamiliar with its cooldown and have a slow, ponderous ship like a Tactical Odyssey, it will compromise survivability. The assault whale and Galaxy R has enough engineering boff powers to get by, and the RSV is nimble enough to avoid getting shot at.
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