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08-03-2012, 12:33 AM
You're welcome. Allow me to extend my gratitude as well.

PvP is the thing that actually kept the game interesting for me and is the thing that actually requires some skill to do (the rest is just mindless grinding, save some organized STF runs).

I really like the mindset of the OP. I can't count the number of players that i have encountered across various games that think "I lost to him, therefore he mush cheat". In fact the more you get blown up the more you should think: "Ah, he beat me... why? What is better - DPS, Boff skills, Ship, Player skill? How do I make up for that?" and after figuring out these questions to eventually improve.

Also thank you for all the Ship build threads that helped me understand how everything in the game works: from abilities, cooldowns, counters, power settings and many many other things that the average PvE player doesn't know.

Now if only we got a nice little PvP system for more players to play...