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Originally Posted by matteo716maikai View Post
your welcome

now if other people would have this point of view instead of the "OMG UZ BEATS ME! YOU MUSS BE CHEATIN!!!!!" mentality.
Yeah no kidding, if I get killed extremely fast regardless of what I do, there's something I didn't do right, and/or the players were just that good. It is just a game, if I get better in general by going into PvP more, all the better I think.

Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
thanks for being just as anti obnoxious, not saying we are a bunch of cheaters. no one around here thinks their the best player there is, the closest thing would be a group of players that think they are the best when they are teamed up, and they are more or less right.

i do very well in pvp, and feel bad for those that obviously are struggling. i wish i had half an hour for each of them i encounter to fill them in on everything they need to know to be competitive. thats why we have help threads here, for those that want to learn and get better, we have the information on what works.
Glad not to be.

I wouldn't complain about pointers, tips, advice, etc. I plan on, when I have more time, to read some of those very threads.

Originally Posted by mavairo View Post
Thanks for taking it in good fun.

Thanks for staying around.

And thanks for showing a willingness to improve.

Thanks also for not being a total piece of garbage attitude wise.

People like you are why people like me make Help Threads. (see my sig for 2 examples)
You're welcome on all accounts. But thanks in turn for helping make it easier for me to find some threads.

Originally Posted by kroegz View Post
Positive minded pvpers are typically the most dangerous. These are the ones I have my eyes on, because they are the ones that step back and say "hmmm, what am I going to do with that situation next time..".

Don't worry there, I doubt I'll be soloing whole groups of PvPers any time soon.

Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
I think the curve is pretty steep in STO, partly because the PvE game doesn't threaten you in any way and never punishes bad choices. To new players, getting instagibbed or seeing people in tiny ships flying like they're indestructible can seem like magic, because the difference between someone who just hit their first 50 in a Tactical cruiser and someone who's spent over two years min-maxing and bleeding dry every last bit of performance from their character is mind-boggling. It's not really well-designed on Cryptic's part but what're you gonna do.
I agree completely. That is so true, and it is something I realize each time I PvP.

But I can really go for wanting to get the most out of your ship and such, it's a little insane the amount of specific effort some go through, the same amount I might not do, but I will say I do like the dedication, to me, that really shows their passion and enjoyment for it, so all the more power to em.

Originally Posted by warmaker001b View Post
There's some dude out there in the KDF that has profiles on many PVPers out there, telling what tendencies certain players do.

"Oh, that's ____, watch for this, he tends to do this when ___." On and on. It's cool but kind of freaky at the same time
Whoa...that is kind of freaky, nearly on the creepy level almost. Interesting, in a psychological way though.

Originally Posted by naz4 View Post
If you want to reduce the learning curve, you can always join the panda cubs
Thank you for that offer, I've heard much about the Sad Pandas, I can guess the Panda Cubs is a child-fleet of them? However, I do have a fleet on both sides, so I will politely decline your offer, but I will keep it in mind should things change in the future. I hope you understand of course.

Originally Posted by ryanev View Post
You're welcome. Allow me to extend my gratitude as well.

PvP is the thing that actually kept the game interesting for me and is the thing that actually requires some skill to do (the rest is just mindless grinding, save some organized STF runs).

I really like the mindset of the OP. I can't count the number of players that i have encountered across various games that think "I lost to him, therefore he mush cheat". In fact the more you get blown up the more you should think: "Ah, he beat me... why? What is better - DPS, Boff skills, Ship, Player skill? How do I make up for that?" and after figuring out these questions to eventually improve.

Also thank you for all the Ship build threads that helped me understand how everything in the game works: from abilities, cooldowns, counters, power settings and many many other things that the average PvE player doesn't know.

Now if only we got a nice little PvP system for more players to play...
It's a mindset I hope I can keep as well. I realized recently I'd kept a very closed mind about PvP in this game, which wasn't fair to those who did it.

Well, thanks for the replies folks. I just have, as pretty much a starting PvPer, one REALLY big question has bugged me for awhile:

Could someone explain a lot of the terminology ya'll use? Like I see things such as 'Instagibbed', and 'minmaxing', etc. I know a lot of the abbreviations, such as EPtS1 is "Emergency Power to Shields 1", but much of the other terms I see are going over my head.

I am perfectly willing to learn of course, as long as folks are willing to teach. I'll be looking at threads in my spare time, thinking about my builds, and asking specific questions on those threads.

Any advice will be highly appreciated if you wish to give it.