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# 1 Foundry Space Keybind Bug
08-03-2012, 01:41 AM
I'm currently testing my Foundry mission. Every time I go into Space, the settings keep getting glitched up.

Ticket ID #1,378,470.

Usually it's a "stuck" ALT Key (which for some reason only happens in STO and not other programs or games).

I go to the Keybinds, and the first thing I see is it's at "Ground" settings (not sure if that is the problem), usually they default to space if you are in space. When I check the Space keybinds, everything is not where it should be.

For instance, my Targeting keys are sometimes saved and untouched, my weapon attacks return to default, my Up / Down Directional movement is gone, but my Turn keybinds are untouched.

And this is repeatable, everytime I go to the Editor or a Ground portion of the map and then return to space, it glitches up again.