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08-03-2012, 02:21 AM
Originally Posted by dariusmajere View Post
Oh, that's right, half of you can't be arsed to get on the Test server and actually give your input to improve the things before its released.
Why should I get on what is laughingly called a "test server"? They don't take feedback from it. The game was released to Holodeck the same week as their event, which doesn't give time for any relevant changes to be made. The bugs and complaints people did have were all ignored. The ones that weren't ignored were given the reply of "what you see is 5 or 6 iterations behind what is actually going to be released" which is pure BS (and if it isn't, again, what is the point if we can't test what is ACTUALLY going to be released? The Tribble server is nothing more than a glorified preview of what is to come, and they could care less what we think.

I personally submitted 6 or 7 tickets on Tribble during the test, and posted in the forums, and every item I posted a ticket for (and nearly every one I commented on in the forums) still made it into Holodeck. So you tell me, what is the point when they could care less what their customers think?

But to answer your question, Starbases weren't even released on Tribble until about 2 weeks before the system went live. Even the official test fleet (Cryptic Tribbles) didn't get T2 Engineering until this week (or maybe late last week, regardless it was after the system went live).