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Originally Posted by ziploc332 View Post
After the patch, though it could be coincidence, I've noticed that Elite STFs are a LOT harder (as in more so than before).

I had started to get the hang of how to run Elite's, but tonight has been nothing but face-in-dirt constantly, even though I'm doing nothing different, no new gear, nothing. I guess it could be getting stuck with low grade players, but I just want to make sure that nobody else has gone from just okay to total roflstomped.
The reason is due to the Plasma weapon type being significantly more effective at burning through your hull with the secondary (proc) damage. Ground plasma weapons too have been buffed.

Unprepared, you will see the Borg plasma weapons eat through your hull very quickly.

Space counters: -

1) Keep Hazard Emitters handy when taking fire. When you start to see the plasma procs burn through your hull enable HE and other damage resist boosters like Polarize Hull & Auxiliary to Structural and manage your attack range.
2) Load plasma resistance armor, like Electroceramic (very cheap) or Neutronium (very expensive). Experienced pilots who already have 2x to 4x Neutronium armor consoles will feel very much less of the plasma proc, but unarmoured ships will get roasted very fast no matter how large it is.
3) Inspect the Season 6 weapon procs, certain weapon types like Tetryon and Polaron have had their procs buffed significantly as well. You can use them to create an advantage - for my case I run polaron cannon Mk 12 DMGx3 on continuous rapid fire to shut down enemy weapons power so the team receives much less effective damage.
4) You now have in-combat automatic repair (very noticeable with SIF Generator console installed). Use it to counter the plasma fire passively and generally enhance survivability.

Ground: -

If you have MACO or Omega gear you will likewise be able to survive the enhanced procs, just bear in mind to use hypos real quick when you receive incoming damage, as always

If you're running standard or fleet gear, try to get something with [pla] [platet] resistance bonuses for the same reason in space. A shield and armor with above anti plasma stats does boost your Ground STF effectiveness significantly, in certain cases allowing you to tank elite tac drones as well.
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