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08-03-2012, 03:27 AM
Originally Posted by mavairo View Post
If you guys would be so kind, can we keep the fix on tribble for longer than a week? That way I can thoroughly test, and attempt to rebreak it again. (I'm going to be playing Mechwarrior at launch. so understandably my game time is going to have a priority shift)
FYI: Mechwarrior doesn't launch next week. It's "just" the second phase of Closed Beta.
(Not that it really matters here - the Closed Beta NDA doesn't allow you to state that you're a Beta Tester - but since every Founder now has access to the Closed Beta, and the Founder Title is highly visible on the MWO forums ... It's kinda hard to not do this for Founders... Reminds me of the old Startrek Online T-Shirt story that was on the Cryptic STO website a while ago.)

So I figure mavairo is just trying to explain that he just has not much time next week due to various but indeterminite activites on his part, but he would love to test the changes.

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