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08-03-2012, 06:55 AM
Mine range from serious to funny, so I'll start with funny.

For one of my characters, my ships are named after bus models and semi truck manufactures. USS Freightliner, USS Blue Bird, USS International, and USS School Bus all speak for themselves on the naming trend. I have more, but I belive these four get the point across.

On another one of mine, I've ran with US state/Battleship names. Most common one I run is the USS Arizona.

I have the occasional ship named after TV shows and characters (USS Airwolf, USS KITT, and USS Wilton Knight to name a few).

I have a T1 ship named after a late US Senatorm but I don't use it much.

There's a few others I have that are mash ups name parts and some KDF ones that are really off the wall (i.e. IKS HoH puch which was my understanding to be Killer Toliet at some point).