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In game I've seen hundreds if not thosends of ship names and most of them are unique. This made me curious to see if these names were chosen for a reason or just because it sounded cool.

My current ship is called U.S.S. SHIRLY WALLIS.
It's named after my mother inlaw who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Before that it was called the U.S.S. BECKS-VIER
after my favourite beer. Lol

What's yours called and why?

Its in my sig.

The Shinano was a Yamato-class hull that was converted into an armored carrier during world war 2.

The ship received orders to sail to another base to finish the conversion of the ship. The captain, seeing how his crew was untrained, the ship interior (flood control bulkheads and such) had not been completely finished and fire control systems not installed... plus he had no air crew or craft complement...AND he had been denied air cover from land bases and also denied a destroyer escort....

pleaded with the high command to delay the sailing orders until the ship could at least be able to defend itself.

High command denied the request.

Lo, the ship sailed with a less than minimal escort, met a US submarine just a dozen or so miles from the base he had sailed out of... and was sunk.

... and this is what happens in STO every time there is a patch that affects carriers. Cryptic ignores the carrier captain feedback and test data, make idiotic and uncalled for changes that screw the ship and pet AI to the point where the carrier is nothing more than a fat science ship with moronic pets... and then Cryptic applies a band-aid fix so things are not broken to the point where the ship and pets are useless... but previously existing functionality was lost.... then sits back and ignores the fact that they broke things this badly and dont bother to come back and fix their errors.