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08-03-2012, 08:56 AM
I just played a horror story of CSE. I'm not going bother with a full description but the whole mess involved a would be leader and three vessels that parked on the Kang....

The leader knew his stuff and I prefer to take direction so that worked for me. It didn't work so well when he booked over the 3 others camping on Kang. I tried to take out the nanites on the cubes but one ship (at my proficiency on elite) can't do the job. It was a protracted exercise in failure where every minute wasted conflicted with quitting myself and taking a leaver penalty. Sadly I rode this one into the ground when I should have quit.

What bothers me is I don't think the campers were that ignorant. I'm concerned they sat there and let the mission fall apart because they were more interested in collecting drops from the repawning enemies than actually completing the mission. I hope they got a bucket load of engine batteries and photon mines

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