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08-03-2012, 08:59 AM
I unpacked and took the MU Battlecruiser for a test drive last night.

I liked the ship. Turn rate was good. DPS was pretty good with 3 tac consoles and +15 weapon power. Healing very good with the BO layout options.

However, at the end of a handful of Fleet missions and STFs, I switched back to running the D'Kora, mainly because I felt the D'kora offers a little better platform for switching between DPS and healing with the change of a few BOs, swapping around some set pieces and dropping in/out of battle mode.

There weren't too many visual customization options, although the MU skin type was interesting. It made me wish there was a way to disable the visual affect of running certain shields, so you could get the benefit but keep the look of the orignal ship.

I was a little put off by the 1200 zen cost of the alternate skin for the MU cruiser. I would have probably plunked down 400 zen without thinking about it, instead I skipped the skin.

If there was an easier, quicker way to switch between ships, I'd definitely consider having the MU Battlecruiser set up for specific duties.