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Originally Posted by henrik68 View Post
Still a bit confused myself where the "skill" points are concerned!

Some say only to spend around 6 max since the 3 numbers left are in red and do not seem to do much?

So basically i should concentrate on skills that add to weapons/shield and such?
Stuff I prioritize:

You want maximum weapon damage, accuracy, shield healing, structural integrity for starters, as well as maximum shield performance.

Secondary importance for me are warp core potential and warp core efficiency.

Engine performance is also useful (tiertiary importance) as a boost to flight speed, turn rate and engine power is also useful to some degree, as the base turnrate of a cruiser is quite abysmal. But 12.5 turnrate from 6 points to engine related skills is pretty decent. I don't complain about turnrate that much esp with certain engine types and boff powers that can boost it up to 20+ in combat.
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