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Greetings FRIENDS.

I have taken over as admin of the most populated PvP channel in STO - OrganizedPvP - and would like to welcome everyone interested in PvP to join today!

#1. My first goal is to bring new players, new fleets into the mix along with many of our regular PvP STO Veterans who are already members of this populated channel.

#2. Next I would like the channel to be an educational PvP resource for inexperienced players and fleets. Instead beginners rushing to the forums to post NERF!!! or OP !!!!! maybe this resource can better prepare them for the upcoming PvP challenges ahead. It will be a place where players can have the opportunity to bounce ideas, strategies, and feedback off of more experienced PvPers.

#3. The next step is to schedule regular organized events, tournaments, activities, etc. that are interesting, competitive, and sometimes casual. This will expand interest in PvP and hopefully build the PvP community.

If you are interested in serving the PvP community and would like to help, plan, schedule, or organized events please feel free to message me in game or on the forums. I have an idea for our first event idea will be posting about it shortly.


How to join: /channel_join organizedpvp (must be typed in your chat box)
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