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It's cheaper in USD than Euros or GBP. It's kind of sad to see the "Ignorant American" stereotype played straight here, krayuskorianis may not even know that 4.50 Euro is 5.55 USD.

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But my post is about the difference between the prices listed when you buy Zen through Steam Wallet, and when you buy Zen through Zen billing page. At first I thought it was a general price increase but now I think that it is simply a mistake.

Zen billing page: 4.50 EURO to buy 500 Zen

Steam Wallet: 4.50 GBP to buy 500 Zen

Please adjust Steam Wallet pricing.
As others have said, this isn't a PWE or Cryptic issue, but a Steam issue. Steam has had issues with their European prices for a very, very long time. If you're not in North America, 90% of the time it's cheaper to get it from a brick&mortar store than from Steam because Steam has ridiculously stupid price conversion methods.

Like a game that's $60 USD being 60 Euros. That's 74 USD!

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