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08-03-2012, 10:41 AM
Originally Posted by genericii View Post

Items in the CStore that are on the exchange didn't get there by magic, someone either had to pay money for zen or exchange dilithium for zen. In the event of the latter, someone had to purchase zen and offer it in trade for dilithium. A CStore item can NOT end up on the exchange without a zen purchase by someone. Therefore EVERY CStore item cost someone the price of that item. I cannot spell it out more clearly for you. Just because it cost you nothing, doesn't mean it cost nothing. When people stop putting cash items on the exchange I'd like to see how easy it is for you to get items for "free".
Of course, if we extend this logic further, *NOTHING* in the game is free, because Cryptic pays employees to write the code, using money they got from subs and C-Store sales.

You don't like the C-Store. That's OK. But it doesn't mean everybody has to. The reason this kind of pricing model makes money isn't because people are stupid; it's because a lot of people like this model. People like to be able to pick the things they like off a menu instead of having them bundled. Look at any cable TV company's complaints; the primary thing people ask for in terms of policy change is a la carte pricing.

I have no problem with Cryptic's revenue model. My only problem with this item is that it's a bad price/value ratio, and on an canon item. Bad price/value ratios should be reserved for things that aren't canon, because the number one reason people play this game instead of some other game is they're fans of one or more of the TV or movie series.

I'm not angry with Cryptic; I just think whoever made this price decision needs to be sat down in a room and have the nature and importance of the fandom explained to them.