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08-03-2012, 10:44 AM
Originally Posted by zer0niusrex View Post
The Bind To Account stuff does not apply to special "one-off" items like the Borg tech.

However, this IS retroactive for all items you have which are NOT already bound.

Case study:
You picked up a sweet (BoE) Purple Mk X Thing of Awesomeness, and you didn't equip it. After this change, it will now be Bind to Account on equip.

You picked up another of these Things, and it's now equipped and bound to your Captain. After this change, it will still be bound to your Captain.

Hope that makes sense.

Making STF Tech Drops "Account Bound on Pickup" has to happen. PERIOD.
I don't think this is one that the community will ever let you get away with.
Because to be blunt, this is the ONE thing where this Account Bank will actually impact the players GAMEPLAY.

Case Study 1:
Player has 11 Characters (hey that's me!).
Main Character has Mk XII STF Set unlocked.
Player wants to keep playing Main Character and hand loot drops down to Alts.

Current STO build reality:
Player needs a Spreadsheet to know which STF's to do, with what character, to not accidentally end up with 2 tech drops of the same type on the same character (say 2 ground Shields), and never plays with his awesome looking Main Character anymore because THAT GUY already has all the items, the other 10 don't so they have Priority.
Of course playing the other characters in STF's forces the player to use the annoyingly slow remodulator, which hurts the whole team because he can't be as effective as he could be with his other char.

-> STF Gear, more precisely the "Requisitions" -> account wide has to happen, PERIOD.

The current STF loot System is a headache for every ALTaholic.

And now please consider that many players don't even know what STF Tech Drop drops from which STF... which will result only in disappointed/angry/sad Players.

With LOBI the situation is even worse, but i don't care since i decided to no longer open these Boxes. (i will buy anything in the C-Store that is an account wide unlock and Slots as needed, but i will not gamble with my money or support PER CHARACTER Ships/Costumes/Whatever...)

/had to be said,
i know it's not your decision Zero but the more Cryptic Employees are aware of the situation on the Players end, the better.
-> let the powers who be hear the Feedback