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Just and odd idea I had, and I thought this would be the best forum to present it. I think it would be nice if you could create an Alien race, and then share the looks with someone else. I suppose right now you could save the custom and send it to someone, but it would be fun if you could say set one of your bridge crew to be the same race as say your friend's alien captain or so on. With a little work and some information sharing, you could to that now, but I think it would be cool if their was an official registry of species or something where you could submit your own races and share them with others.
You can actually do this, sort of....
Active BOFFS can be traded from one player to another. They just need to be stripped of all gear. If you like your character look, make a boff that looks like it from the "save" and "edit" function at the tailor. Trade that boff to your friend. Your friend then goes to the tailor and does a "save" of that BOFF. They have the template now. The boff needs to be the same race as you character. I ve done this in the past when i have found people who make amazing looking aliens, i offer them EC and the boff if they will make me a copy. It works. good luck!