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08-03-2012, 12:13 PM
As far as the fleet raider I don't see one tac console and slight buffs to defense being worth 2k zpoints. Compared to high damage escorts it still lacks a rear weapon mount and a tac console even w/the 1 added for high damage design fed/jem ships. It has one less ens boff as well too. To make it worthwhile it should gain a rear weapon or an ens boff and make it available at T4 base (personally I think the rear weapon mount).

Off topic the other Fleet BoP looks interesting, but the survivablility (16k base hull HP and severely reduced shield modifier) is so diminished I don't know if it's worth spending the Z-points to try it out.

In general the KDF escort/raider options are continually falling farther behind to lotto ships and fed counterparts in damage potential. While DPS cruisers and the Karfi still hold there own and then some in the case of the Karfi, they still don't fill the damage role of an escort/raider. My main concern is as KDF style of raiding falls farther behind in damage potential the flavor of playing KDF becomes less unique and that KvF will turn into lotto ship vs lotto ship fed circle the wagons style fights.