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Originally Posted by qjunior View Post
You don't have to sell anything. Just offer your dilithium at 25 per Zen point and simply withdraw the offer. Then you can log on to another character and withdraw the dilithium....

That is still an exploit, rather then an intended mechanic.

I'm not arguing to be mean. I just want the Devs to not have any wiggle room to make excuses for denying us the ability to trade gear that we have already put the time in and earned between the characters on our account.

Frankly, when they put the Account Bank in place they should have run a script that flagged every piece of existing gear that was not set to a unique tag or that was not on a list of excluded items as BoA.

As it is they tossed the system into play half done and have been back peddling ever since. If I cannot trade the gear to my own toons that I have spent the last 895 days earning then the option serves no purpose, and I would rather see it removed completely then be in place at all.

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