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Originally Posted by carmenara View Post
The reason is due to the Plasma weapon type being significantly more effective at burning through your hull with the secondary (proc) damage. Ground plasma weapons too have been buffed.

Unprepared, you will see the Borg plasma weapons eat through your hull very quickly.
Thanks, I've been doing some of these. Hazard Emitters 2 waiting for burn, I have Plasmas resistance armor (ceramic though, can't afford Neutronium yet) but I don't have polarize hull/Aux-Structural. I need the tractor beam for Khit (nobody can just nuke the probes, I don't see why that's so difficult). I'm also running Tetryon, but considering moving to Polaron for the DPS reduction, even if it doesn't help with torpedoes, my main nemesis. I can't pickup SIFs because I need it for the Plasma resist, only 2 Engineering consoles (Advanced Escort)

As for ground, I almost have the complete MACO 12 set (really excited!) and I don't have a chance to use Hypos most of the time, I just go down in seconds. Getting behind cover has proven marginally effective. I've reviewed my build, and made some appropriate changes, which have helped a bit on the ground, but space is still a wipe. We lost the Kang in Elite Cure Space, and all my groups seem to have a general lack of DPS all around.

I think it is, ultimately, the people I'm running with. I had one STF that went really well today, the rest have been beyond annoying.

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