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08-03-2012, 12:24 PM
Seems my worst experiences always come on Khitomer Accords Space, people just simply do not listen to directions and just fly off and do whatever. Had several times where we have 2-3 good players that follow directions of whoever decides to take the lead role and they know to guard the time gate from the probes, 1 player at the time gate, 1 player at the opposite gate wih the other 3 working to destroy the gate on the other side. It always seems we have 2 people that blow it by just flying around and doing whatever despite being told we don't need 4-5 people on the gate and to keep an eye on the time gate, then when Donatra spawns they are the same 2 people getting wasted by the Thalaron beam because they don't know to avoid the little green lines when she starts powering up.

Cure and Infected always seem to go smoothly for me and are easily the two most enjoyable. I stay away from Khitomer at all costs unless my que timers are still running on the other space STFs.