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08-03-2012, 01:40 PM
epic cure space elite...finished it though

warped into the sector, saw that tactical in this mirror assault cruiser (looks like the normal starcruiser)
when the grp UI apeared i was like ...
he had about 30-40 different injuries on his ship...some even stacked up to 3 or maybe there were 50 i don't know i didn't count.

everybody in the group started to point out that he needed to repair hi ship, but he ignored it (as usual)

then he wrote: "i protect kang!" and everybody was like WTF, is he for real?

it went on, he died...a lot...i mean everytime i looked at the grp UI he was dead.

we couldn't make it to the bonus objective, but thats ok, since it's not that important anyway.

at the end, i told him to inform himself about repairing his ship, after and in combat...he said he was sorry, but i ignored him anyway.

srsly...if you don't know what injuries are, and how to remove us all a favour, don't do elites.
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