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08-03-2012, 12:56 PM
Account bind the EDCs.

Account bind the Lobi crystals.

Remove the Lobi crystal from that mission and offer a character-bound token for a 1-Lobi item instead.

Dilithium movement is already possible and simply not as big an issue as the team seems to think. Making EDCs account bound allows for us to take whatever character is right for the group makeup, not only and always take the character we want to gear. As it stands now, it is difficult to get a balanced group simply based on the lack of variety in the players seeking to get their gear.

I would happily run my KDF Engineer or Fed Science on STFs if it meant I could use the EDCs and Salvage/Prototypes on my KDF Tac to unlock Honor Gear...

But under the current system, I have to only run my KDF Tac, and never run anyone else until I've gotten what I need!

This is a shortsighted system... time spent in-game on any character be it for Marks, Dilithium, or Borg tech, is time spent on the game. Give us the versatility by giving us the account bind and stop worrying about the Dilithium migration, it simply doesn't matter in the end.
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